Program Support



The Futures Foundation exists to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities live a quality life, by fulfilling basic needs not covered by other funding sources.

Our programs and services aim to support and enhance everyday living and overall well-being to those with developmental disabilities, while also providing life-changing, one-time assistance to provide quality-of-life improvements like furniture, camp or recreational experiences, and/or emergency/urgent needs.  

Areas of focus include, but are not limited to: 

  • Home/Daily Living – Clothing, food, furniture, etc.    
  • Technology/Communications – Digital skilling, iPads, apps, etc.  
  • Experiences – Camp, fitness, art, socialization opportunities, etc.  
  • Emergency Requests  

Being part of the Futures Foundation community also provides those served with advocacy and support.  To learn more, please email us at


The Futures Foundation team reviews requests for support during specific timeframes. For the 2024 Program Year, we will be following the below schedule: 

  • *January 15 – January 29 for a February decision
  • *April 15 – April 29 for a May decision
  • July 15 – July 29 for a August decision   
  • October 15 – October 29 for a November decision

Our Program Support Request is 100% online. You can access our Request Form online during the application window. At this time, our application period is now closed. Please check back in October for the new link to apply.

Following the application window, the Futures Foundation staff reviews all requests and compiles each application and its information in a format that can be reviewed by our Program Review Committee. The Program Review Committee meets after the application window closes to review all applications and make decisions regarding awards.  

Following the Program Review Committee meeting, the Futures Foundation staff prepares Program/Grant Award letters and sends them to the applicant. If a supports coordinator or case worker has applied on behalf of an individual, both the supports coordinator and the individual will receive the award letter.    

Within the award letter communication, the individual or the individual’s guardian will need to sign and consent to the terms and conditions of the Program Award. This also acts as an acknowledgement.    

Individuals have 30 days to submit all documentation required to fulfill their request. This includes invoices, links to items to be purchased, quotes, or other support needed by Futures Foundation staff to fulfil the award.   

Resources are limited, therefore, each quarter there is a specific amount of funds available to grant support requests. While we work diligently to be as supportive as possible, please note that applying for support does not guarantee an award. Also, please note that individuals who receive support are not eligible to submit a second application within a minimum of 12 months.   

*Urgent or emergency Program Support Requests may be considered on a rolling basis. These can include limited yet urgent issues relative to oral health, basic needs, and other urgent matters related to overall well-bring. An email inquiring about an emergency request needs to be provided to our staff in order to receive a request invitation. Emails for emergency requests can be sent to with EMERGENCY REQUEST in the subject line.